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About Us

We are a Company owned and operated by FAA licensed technicians with over 30 years

Our CEO and President.

Meet our President and CEO, Mr Oswald Nunez.
Oswald got involved in aviation when he was 18 years old, he got his Private Pilot license when he was a High School student in September 1979 flying Cessnas 172s. Months later and after graduating from High School he decided to move to Central Texas and got enrolled at Central Texas College and got his Associate in Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology. Oswald got his A&P license there. Years later he decided to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma and got his Aviation Maintenance Technician course with Helicopter specialization and his Aircraft Instruments Technician course at Spartan School of Aeronautics. That was in 1985. 
Months later, Oswald got hired by Mid Continent Instruments, in Wichita, Kansas, worked in there for many years as Instruments Technician. 
Oswald also worked with cargo airplanes at DHL Worldwide Express as A&P mechanic on Boeing 727, Metro III and Falcon 20s. He also worked as Avionics Field Technician troubleshooting Boeing 727s and Metro III at DHL Airways.
Oswald has been working for many other avionics shops as Instruments Technician, including Mid America Avionics and Instruments, he used to be their Chief Inspector for 8 years. He has over 30 years experience working on all kind of instruments.
Today Oswald is the CEO and President of Aerospace Components and Instruments, LLC.

Aerospace Components and Instruments, LLC is a full instruments shop, with capabilities to repair and overhaul all kind of instruments, from airspeed indicators to altimeters to more complex instruments such as remote gyros, flight directors, HSI and autopilots.

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